Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clinton as a special envoy in Haiti.

Credit Photo: Reuters

Our friend Frantz Telfort from the blog Haiti Opinions send this piece on Bill Clinton nomination as special envoy in Haiti. Do you agree with him?
President Clinton as the UN special envoy in Haiti.
Most people misread President Clinton nomination as the UN special envoy to Haiti. Some talk about his legacy in Haiti, others mention personal financial interests and a few more saw in the nomination a new form of occupation. Let’s start with the last argument. It is totally “foolish” to think that the UN will need to nominate a former US President to ensure a certain form of occupation in Haiti. How many UN troops are stationed in Haiti since 2004? Does it really make sense? Let’s keep our answer short: no. They don’t need somebody’s with Clinton stature to ensure their presence in Haiti. Not now, not tomorrow.

Both the legacy and money arguments do not stand when they are deeply analyzed. Here are the reasons why President Clinton was nominated:
His nomination has nothing to do with Haiti itself and everything to do with China. This is the beginning of a proxy war between the mighty Eagle (the US) and the awakening Dragon (China). On May 20th Brazil signed a treaty with the Chinese Government giving China the rights to exploit offshore Brazilian oil for a total of ten years
. This is the latest on a series of Brazilian’s actions that have Washington “rightly” worried. Lula even went as far as labeling this treaty as the most defining one of his presidency.

The Haitian assignment (MINUSTAH) was supposed to be a pathway for Brazil to reach a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. It is obvious Brasilia will not get that seat in the short term. The Haitian mission led by Brazil is a failure and President Clinton presence will only highlight that defeat and reaffirm US leadership in the region.


  1. While I think the role played by US-China rivalry is an interesting point of view, I don't think that nomination will have too much impact (I may be wrong of course!)And I still doubt that the US use it as a way to affirm its power over a(China-friendly)Brazil.

  2. I agree with you Kal..I dont think this nomination will have any tangible impact in Haiti (I would love to be proven the contrary!!!!).In a diplomatic point of view it is between Brazil-US-China and at the end we still are not benefiting from it !!!!

  3. So far it is very hard to oversee what is behind this nomination, but I beleive that uncle Sam is getting ready for after Preval. I think they want to bring some changes in the leadership of this country.